As award-winning sleep consultants, we understand that every family’s needs are different.

That’s why we offer a completely unique approach to sleep training that is:

  • Gentle. We don’t practice a “cry it out” type of strategy. We take the time and care your baby needs to get on a sleep schedule that works for your family.
  • Customized. Every family has an entirely different dynamic, with entirely different needs. We make plans that fit into your lifestyle, not the other way around. 
  • Understanding. We’ve been in your shoes. We approach you and your family with zero judgment and the solutions you need. 
  • Effective. We’ve helped THOUSANDS of families. We have extensive training and years of experience. Our approach works. 

…because sleep matters, and it’s time you and your little one got some.

Hi, I'm Courtney Zentz, CLC


Bringing sleep-filled nights to your home is what I’m all about. 

Sleep deprivation can wreak havoc on everyday life. It can lead to tantrums of epic proportions, irritability, brain fog, a suppressed immune system, and impaired judgement. 

The long-term effects are even more frightening. 

But, you don’t have to worry about that, because I’m here to make sure your sleep issues get solved…before long-term damage can be done. 

I work intimately with families from around the world to build a customized program so every member of your home can rest easy. 

My approach allows parents to feel confident in the gentle changes we make to transform their children into the best sleepers in town. 

I provide the support, knowledge, guidance, and know-how you need to bring all-night-long-zzzz’s to your home, in just a few short days. (Yes… really!) 


Here’s what makes me different from ALLLLLLL the other sleep consultants:

  • I am not only a certified pediatric sleep professional, but I am also a postpartum doula, infant mental health provider, and a certified lactation consultant. I am extensively trained.
  • I get children. I get sleep. I get the tiny transitions in life that can make you feel like you’re losing your mind. I understand how hard the transition into motherhood can be – even if it’s not your first time. My expertise stretches far beyond just sleep, so your family gets the most holistic care possible.
  • I’m a mom, just like you. I’ve walked the road you are walking…which means, I get it. No judgment here. Mom life is hard. Sleep troubles can make it substantially harder. I’m here to simplify the sleep process, and get you some rest!

Experience + Training + Compassion = Sleep-filled nights for your whole family. 

Hi, I'm Rosie Hawley

Pediatric Sleep Specialist

As the mother of two, I understand sleepless nights. In fact, if you’re reading this, then you are probably exactly where I was about two years ago…exhausted, frustrated, and confused.

I started my journey with sleep education when my son was about 3.5 months old. We had reached the dreaded 4-month sleep regression and I was in what I liked to call “nap jail” – locked in my son’s room 3-4 times a day, desperately trying anything and everything possible to get him to go to sleep.

I felt like a was failing at mom-life.
I needed to sleep.
My son needed sleep.
We were all miserable.

Through the process of teaching my son to fall asleep independently, I felt a strong need for constant reassurance and found that through Tiny Transitions and the Slumber Made Simple™ Approach.

I decided to become a certified sleep consultant and have been extensively trained to guide and support other moms who had the exact same feelings that I did.

Today, I love working with Courtney as part of the Tiny Transitions team. The gentle approach we use to help your entire family sleep through the night has worked for thousands of families.

I am certain it will work for yours as well.

If sleep has evaded your family for too long,  it’s time for us to chat. 

We’ll create the individualized plan you need to turn your sleepless nights around.