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With my unique experience, skills and success with newborns, infants & toddlers, my team and I are able to teach families how to build amazing, independent sleepers for life, without compromising their quality of life or sacrificing freedom, fun and love. Recognized nationally as a Top 200 Sleep Professional, we provide unique, gentle and effective sleep consulting services for clients worldwide. We are different, our approach is different. Interested? Let’s chat.

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We are very proud of the Sleep Consulting services we provide to families around the world. Read our testimonials from our rested clients.


Within two weeks, our daughter was sleeping through the night. It’s been amazing, I am so thankful to her for all the joy (and sleep) she has brought back into our household.


Courtney was an absolute miracle worker! In just a few short days, our daughter learned the new routine and it has been smooth sailing ever since.


I believe that this is the best investment that I’ve made on my child to date.