Expected Parents Consultation

A great baby shower gift!! New and expecting parents have enough to worry about.  You can give them the gift of sleep!  I will help expectant parents establish healthy sleep habits for their baby from the get-go to help prevent future sleep challenges.  This package includes:

  • A specially written guide that will walk you through the first few weeks of being a new parent: What Goals to have, how to avoid props and building a schedule over time to ensure baby becomes a wonderful sleeper for life!
  • Nursing 101: What to really expect and how to best have a successful breastfeeding relationship with your little one!
  • A 60 minute phone consultation with the parents-to-be to discuss what to expect from their new bundle of joy, establishing a schedule and teaching them from the beginning how to self-sooth and be wonderful sleepers for life.
  • A 30 minute phone consultation within the first 3 months of the baby’s birth to discuss how baby is doing, tweaks to baby’s schedule and maintaining a good sleep routine!
  • 5 days of email support to be used within 3 months of the baby’s birth day.
  • Sleeping 101 and Safe Sleep Practices informational booklet, providing parents with a terrific resource for ensuring a safe and peaceful sleep environment.

Cost: Virtual Conversation via Phone or Skype: $150.00

If you would like to purchase this package for your friends, relative or a loved one, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at info@tinytransitions.com. 

For your complimentary telephone evaluation, please click here to setup a time that works best with your schedule. I look forward to speaking with you and beginning this journey together!