Courtney was a wonderful guide for us with our second baby! She was patient, kind and available. She helped turn bedtime into a nice loving routine and not a daunting task. She was consistently available and continued to follow up with us when life got busy. She helped us learn what our son needed and understand his signals. We highly recommend Courtney to help you get some sleep!

​"As we all know babies do not come with instructions however, with Courtney’s guidance she can help parents get off on the right foot of understanding their babies sleep needs night one home from the hospital!  As a first time mom, Courtney helped me to understand my newborn daughter’s sleep cue’s and patterns from the beginning.  With her guidance and positive reassurance, I was able to better understand my daughter’s sleeping needs.  We are 9 months in and my daughter is happy, healthy and sleeping well! She has routine naps and a predictable bedtime. I owe it to Courtney!  THANK YOU!"

"Courtney was great to work with. She answered all my questions in a timely manner and calmed my anxieties! We started working with her when our son was a little over 6 mo old and was only taking 30 min naps. She helped us understand and adjust his sleep patterns so now he’s not only sleeping well at night but taking nice long naps during the day. If we have any future issues We will definitely be reaching out. Total life saver!"

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Brooke & Henry

"Courtney has truly been a lifesaver ! My 3 month old, only after 1 night was sleeping through the night from 7-6ish whereas before he was getting up every 2-3 hours. He also wasn’t sleeping well during the day and hence was cranky and fussy most of the time. This was affecting his mood and general health. Now we see with Courtney’s customized schedule for our son, that he is in much better spirits and we as the parents are finally getting sleep and hence are much more productive the following day! Thank you for changing our lives for the better!"




"Finding Courtney and Tiny Transitions was exactly what we needed and couldn't be happier with the results. When I started, my daughter had just turned 10 months.  Within 6 days, my daughter was sleeping through the night again.Working with Courtney was the best decision we've made.  Her knowledge and accessibility were second to none.  I love the energy I have to play with my daughter now that I'm not dragging from being up half the night.  We are having so much fun together and it is all because we decided to say yes to Tiny Transitions." 




"I believe that this is the best investment that I've made on my child to date. There is nothing MORE important for a child or for a parent than for your child to have a healthy sleep routine. We constantly worry about the food we feed our children, they care they receive during the day-- why not the sleep they receive at night? Having a well-rested child is essential to their mood and to my sanity as a parent. Courtney is SUCH an incredible individual to work with and we've been beyond happy to work with her. She listened attentively to all our concerns when sleep training our daughter and responded to any questions we may have. She made a customized plan for our daughter that worked like an absolute charm. I also love that from the time I decided to reach out to a sleep consultant to the time that I was connected with Courtney via the phone was one day. We were able to start sleep training our daughter by that weekend. The turn-around was MIRACULOUS. Which was perfect because I desperately needed a child who slept through the night by the time I reached out to Courtney. I also love that she allowed us to text her during the process (without guilt) to ask any questions we may have and to keep her updated on how it was going. Now my daughter is almost 2 and is an EXPERT sleeper. It has made such a positive impact on our life to have a child that sleeps consistently through the night and takes naps. Many of our friends do not invest in a sleep expert and have struggled through the first few years-- is it REALLY worth it? I feel like we've been set up for success!"

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Success Stories & Praise


"Emersyn suffered from anxiety at bedtime and a fear of the dark. After months of multiple night wakings and a scared little one, we reached out and began to work with Courtney. She support my both children at the same time, and we were able to get everyone sleeping before the school year began! A sleep consultant is by far worth the investment. My kids now sleep, which means so do we."


"Thank you SO much. You really saved us there- we were going crazy. When you told me that Wednesday that Sawyer would be sleeping through the night by the weekend, I was skeptical. But then he ended up sleeping through the night the next day! You're a miracle worker, seriously!"

"Courtney really took the time to talk with us about our situation and gave us excellent tips and a plan to get our baby on a more regular sleep schedule. Our son has been sleeping longer and with naps too (our main challenge) for many months now and Mom & Dad are a little more rested as well. Thanks Courtney!

"We've had the pleasure of working with Courtney twice over the past 2.5 years.  The first time with our son who had developed some terrible sleep habits and the second time with our daughter to help us avoid creating those bad habits.  She is friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and highly accessible.  It's hard to put a price on getting enough sleep, but without a doubt working with Courtney was worth every penny"

"I am so happy my husband and I made this call. Our daughter (now 17 months) was struggling with sleep, and her temperament (hence also ours) was altered everyday. She was exhausted, overtired, and so were we. We were constantly adjusting the plan in hopes of getting some sleep whether it be on the couch, our bed, rocking chair, Ferber method, you name it. Going to bed became a point of stress instead of relief. Finally, I found Courtney online during a 2 AM wake up, and called her the next day. She got back to us so quickly, reassured us things would get better, provided us with options and worked with us during the transition phase. Within two weeks, our daughter was sleeping through the night. In later weeks she helped us to better understand ways to juggle a social calendar that changes routine, and ways to keep her sleeping. It's been amazing, I am so thankful to her for all the joy (and sleep) she has brought back into our household. Thanks Courtney!"


"Courtney individualized a plan specific to my daughter and within 3 days,  my daughter was sleeping through the night. My husband and I are convinced that of every investment we have made to date into our daughter, that this was the best one. Honestly, I cannot put a price on being able to sleep each night."

"Courtney has been absolutely amazing helping us with our daughter Amelia.  She put together a specific plan to meet Amelia's sleep needs.  We can't put into words how instrumental she has been with getting our daughter the rest she needs.  Amelia is now taking 4 naps a day and sleeping 11-12 hrs per night.  Our family would recommend Courtney and Tiny Transitions to anyone.  With our entire family well rested, we are able to do so much more now and Amelia is the happiest baby.  Tiny Transitions is the best investment you could make for your child who needs help with sleeping!  We thank you so much!!"

"Grayson was getting out of his bed several times a night, wanting to get in my bed.  Out of exhaustion, I let that happen and it was a bad idea. I began working with Courtney and within 3 nights, Grayson was in his bed all night, until 6:30am - allowing me to get the sleep I needed and more importantly, him to get the consolidated sleep he needs to grow and learn at school. Thank you!"